Your Pension “Din Pensjon”
The online service “Din Pensjon” is a NAV service that gives you a good overview of your own pension. Here you can, among other things, see your earnings, calculate your future retirement pension (formerly called service calculation), apply for a pension online and get an overview of payment dates.

What can I do in “Din Pensjon”?
• Get an overview of your own pension earnings in the National Insurance Scheme, any AFP, and your earned occupational pension from the largest public and private service providers.
• Calculate future retirement pension from the National Insurance Scheme (formerly called service calculation) – according to the current and old regulations for retirement pensions. You can also calculate AFP and occupational pensions from the largest public and private providers.
• Add any individual savings agreements.
• Compare different options to see how different withdrawal times and withdrawal rates affect the size of your retirement pension.
• Save the different calculations and compare them.
• Apply for a retirement pension from the National Insurance Agency electronically, and apply for a change in withdrawal rate later
• Update your pension information and contact information.
• Write to NAV if you have questions about pension.
• Download pre-filled application forms
• Authorize to read information, calculate retirement and change certain information.