Welcome to Telenors website about pension

The site is containing information mainly for former employees at Telenor, who thereby is in possession of a payed up policy (Telenor Pensjonskasse) or a pension account at Nordea. You will also find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the pension plans as well as links to other relevant sites.

GDPR Regulation – New EU Privacy Policy.

The EU has introduced a new privacy policy, commonly referred to as the GDPR Regulation. The Storting has decided that this will be applied also in Norway. This gives you changed rights in terms of access to information, the right to receive corrected incorrect information and in some cases the right to claim information deleted.

The pension fund will need to store certain personal data in order to fulfill the agreement on the delivery of occupational pensions and ensure that the correct performance is paid. Most of the information we process is not defined as sensitive.

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Pension in general

Old-age pension from the National Insurance Scheme As a result of the pension reform from 2011, there were significant changes in the National Insurance Scheme, including possible retire from the age of 62 years (flexible retirement pension).
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Expectations about Telenor pension.
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"Din Pensjon" What can I do in "Din Pensjon"?
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As an employee of Norwegian companies Telenor is now a member of a defined contribution pension scheme provided by Nordea Liv Norway A/S..
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If you were employed before 1 January 2006, you have a defined benefit pension in Telenor Pensjonskasse (TPK). Those who are employed after 1 January 2006 will be automatically enrolled in the Nordea Contribution Pension Plan.
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